No one will outwork me and no one will care more!

I am the one true conservative republican governor candidate and the one candidate with the breadth of experience and depth of knowledge. I will be a working Governor.

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No governor candidate has the experience Boice has in catastrophic fire awareness, prevention, response, suppression and recovery… it is the most defining issue of our time
About Me

About Court Boice

I was fortunate to have been born in Gold Beach, Curry County, Oregon. In May of 1971, when I was a junior in high school, I surprisingly won a scholarship to spend a week with southern Oregon Congressman John Dellenback and his family in Washington, D.C. It was a tremendous experience that eventually shaped my political career.
Fire Awareness - Chopper - Klondike Fire - 2018 - ODF - Boice

Some real facts

* Court Boice is the One True Conservative Constitutional Christian Candidate for Oregon Governor. He’ll continue his work – reversing the 40 years of damaging Legislative Policies in Oregon that are destroying our Children’s Future, our Quality of Life, and our Economic Stability. We must stop and reverse decades of Bidenesque destructive decisions and policies.
* Court Boice is an Oregon Leader in Catastrophic WildFire Awareness, Prevention, Response, Suppression, and Recovery!
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I Work For The People

Born in Oregon and lived in this state my entire life. I have been on the front lines 48 years working for good.

I have the background, experience and unique knowledge to function as a strong governor for all the people of Oregon. I am not owned by anyone, no political party, no donors and no special interest. My record demonstrates that I know the importance of listening to and working with the legislators and senators from all over the state to understand their regional issues.

my promises

What I Will Fight For

Families and our Middle Class

History teaches us that there has never been a society that survived the loss of the middle class. The family does not exist to affirm the government. The government exists to serve the people. Keeping that correct perspective and relationship is my commitment to all of Oregon.

Law and Order

Without it, there is no safe and secure environment for our people to live in security. I will force prosecuting attorneys to adhere to the Oregon Penal Code in prosecution of criminal suspects. Consequences for crime have to be unavoidable, harsh, consistent and legitimate.

The Economy

Without a strong and vibrant economy no state has a future. I will work with the legislature to eliminate our debt and establish responsible fiscal policy. I will remove burdensome business restrictions and regulations and work to lower the tax burden on the people and employers of Oregon.

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